Don’t lock me down

Hundreds of small locks with names and initials are hanging from the railings of a bridge. Some of them have a clumsy text written by a marker, rather than a elaborate engraving.  Different sizes, shapes and colors. Round and rectangle. But one thing all of them have in common. Love. (…)


Take a risk

When the freezing wind messes up your hair, you know what to do. You can either pick up the pace and hurry inside or face the headwind with your eyes closed. The most comfortable option isn’t always the best. Life starts where the comfort zone ends. (…)


A new time is coming

Sun paints the city red. People walk past me with serious faces. I wonder how the current year has treated them. The year has shaken me, amused me and made me cry. (…)

I renew my wardrobe quite frequently. A piece of clothing hangs in my closet typically for three months at the most, sometimes less. After that I sell or give them forward. It’s quite rare that I find myself wondering how come I have a closet full of clothes but nothing to wear. It’s a skill to know how to let go. In addition to the circulating clothes, I have a few all time favorites that I wouldn’t trade for anything.  ***  Uudistan vaatevalikoimaani tiuhaan tahtiin. Samat vaatteet pysyvät vaatehuoneeni rekissä kuukaudesta kolmeen. Sitten laitan ne eteenpäin. Harvemmin löydän itseni kummastelemasta kuinka vaatehuone on täynnä vaatteita, mutta siellä ei ole mitään päälle pantavaa. On taito oppia päästämään irti. Vaihtuvien vaatteiden lisäksi valikoimassani on muutama kestosuosikki, joita en vaihtaisi mihinkään.

Flea market finds of the month 3

A week ago the ground was covered with a clean white layer of snow. For a moment the world seemed so pure it’s hard to understand. It’s more than a week since the beginning of the month. November is advancing fast. It’s time to show you my flea market finds of October. (…)