Umbrella people

A melancholic autumn day. Raindrops fall to the ground accompanied by a steady drumming. The umbrellas have come out. They are everywhere, in every color and shape. People walk on the street with eyes fixed forward. (…)


Setting sun

Setting sun paints the sidewalk golden. I feel invincible. I have the same kind of lightness in my steps as the dancing autumn leaves. (…)

Cold autumn evenings

The green leaves on the trees are starting to turn yellow. The year is advancing with a steady pace. I’m standing high above the trees. A beautiful view over the still lake stretches before me. The cold autumn night is slowly creeping in. I welcome it with a smile on my face. (…)


When the night falls

I can hear it every time I close my eyes. I can hear it when I lay my head on the pillow every night. I can’t get it to disappear. Sometimes I’m not sure if I even want it to disappear. It’s soft voice soothes my mind and makes my thoughts flow more clearly. (…)

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