I renew my wardrobe quite frequently. A piece of clothing hangs in my closet typically for three months at the most, sometimes less. After that I sell or give them forward. It’s quite rare that I find myself wondering how come I have a closet full of clothes but nothing to wear. It’s a skill to know how to let go. In addition to the circulating clothes, I have a few all time favorites that I wouldn’t trade for anything.  ***  Uudistan vaatevalikoimaani tiuhaan tahtiin. Samat vaatteet pysyvät vaatehuoneeni rekissä kuukaudesta kolmeen. Sitten laitan ne eteenpäin. Harvemmin löydän itseni kummastelemasta kuinka vaatehuone on täynnä vaatteita, mutta siellä ei ole mitään päälle pantavaa. On taito oppia päästämään irti. Vaihtuvien vaatteiden lisäksi valikoimassani on muutama kestosuosikki, joita en vaihtaisi mihinkään.

Flea market finds of the month 3

A week ago the ground was covered with a clean white layer of snow. For a moment the world seemed so pure it’s hard to understand. It’s more than a week since the beginning of the month. November is advancing fast. It’s time to show you my flea market finds of October. (…)


Say hello to November

A cold and rainy November sneaked up on me. The rain is drumming against the window and dusk comes earlier. In the middle of all that rain the temperature managed to get below zero Celsius. That was during October. But rain and occasional freeze only tell half of the story. (…)


Around me

I walk through a crowd. I stop at the traffic lights and lift my eyes up high. Tall buildings stand proud. They show off their bold appearance confidently. That is exactly how I feel about myself. (…)


Feel the past

You can see the past in the worn pavement in the and on the faces of people. You can see it in the thick tree, standing as firm as hundred years ago. Old clothing tell us their story in their own simple way. It’s the spectators job to interpret those messages and place the garment in the correct decade. (…)

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