Around me

I walk through a crowd. I stop at the traffic lights and lift my eyes up high. Tall buildings stand proud. They show off their bold appearance confidently. That is exactly how I feel about myself. (…)


Feel the past

You can see the past in the worn pavement in the and on the faces of people. You can see it in the thick tree, standing as firm as hundred years ago. Old clothing tell us their story in their own simple way. It’s the spectators job to interpret those messages and place the garment in the correct decade. (…)


In the middle of traffic

A narrow street in the middle of the city. Clock is ticking as fast as the cars zooming by. A cold breeze penetrates through the layers of clothing makes my body shiver. The noise of the traffic rings in the air like a song from a rock band on a Saturday in July. (…)


Lazy afternoon

Helsinki. It’s four o’clock in the afternoon. I walk on a paved street. Wind hums over the treetops. Birds are flying over the sea. It won’t be long until the night arrives and the darkness sets. (…)

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